1st and 2nd Edition

There are two editions to "A Beginner's Introduction To Medew Netcher - The Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic System."  The dates are Mar 2015 (first) and Jan 2016 (second).

Why are there two editions?

A second edition was done to make corrections which are briefly explained in the preface to the second edition stating:

It was during the course of conducting several live interactive study classes with students of the Egyptian language, that I discovered errors and omissions of citations within the first edition. These errors included layout issues, typographical errors, and footnote citation omissions to authors referenced in the back matter. It is my responsibility as a first time author to see that my work is properly cited and as error free as possible. This second edition reflects my efforts to correct those unintentional errors. I humbly apologize to the readers of the first edition for the errors and I hope this second edition is received favorably.

If I own the first edition, are the changes significant enough that I should get the second?

Both editions are consistent with each other related to content.  The difference between the two editions are related to a few typographical errors, layout issues resulting in slight page number differences and insertion of omitted footer citations.  The second edition is important for those who wish to do further reading of resources cited in the footer throughout the text giving attribution to the respective sources.

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