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This article is to address a recent DMCA claim we received July 26th 2013.

The claim speculates and accuses of copyright infringement selling lessons found at

Here is the content of the DMCA claim you can download: DMCA_mdw-ntr.pdf

Anyone can file a DMCA (copyright infringement) claim.  DMCA claims trigger automatic removal or take down provisions.  This “guilty until proven innocent” aspect of the DMCA can be unfair, but its required by law.  It's for this reason, websites such as Vimeo, Dailmotion, YouTube and the likes will remove material or suspend accounts pending investigation.

We responded to the DMCA claim within 3 days of notice denying copyright infringement.  The accusor made a claim based on speculation due to the potential use of The Gardiner Sign List by the previous owner of this domain.  At no time did we nor the previous owner of domain sell lessons from the accusors website.  The DMCA claim was immediately dismissed and no further action was taken.

We aquired website as a means to facilitate interactive study of the Ancient Egyptian Language.  The $49.95 cost entitles members of the access to scheduled interactive online web conferences supervised by experienced students and teachers of Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

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Our goal is to provide everything needed to learn the language of ancient Egypt - mdw-nTr (Medew Netcher). We provide study courses, articles related to language and Egypt in general, pictures of Egyptian artifacts, and a wealth of resources to assist in learning mdw-nTr.

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