I have truly enjoyed learning to read Sesh Medew Netcher (Egyptian Hieroglyphs) from Wudjau. I bought his book “A Beginner’s Introduction to Medew Netcher” and supplemented it with the online classes he offers. The book is easy to follow. Everything required to get any absolute beginner to a very comfortable level of reading Kemety inscriptions is covered in a well-structured, concise and manageable form. Among other topics covered in the book are, an introduction to the history of the Egyptian (Kemety) language, the different types and functions of glyphs, grammar basics and it concludes with putting together all the elements learnt in previous chapters through a step by step illustration of transliterating and translating a few Kemety inscriptions. There are also exercises at the end of each chapter which help reinforce the contents studied. “A beginner’s Introduction to Medew Netcher” can be used as self-study material. However, I found the interactive online classes to be extra beneficial and a great platform to recap and delve deeper into topics covered in the book.
Maurine Tonicah Akinyi
I haven't seen a book as such since Ankh MI Ra Let the ancestors speak. This book over 350 pages explains the language of the ancient Remetch (Egyptians) in a way that's easy to understand. The best introduction to this classical African language and a must for all serious students.
Kristopher Davis
I learned to start with small things-simple aspects of a thing-then give attention to detail. Master the fundamentals. This means that you should recognize what is in your own sight, and that which is hidden to you will become plain to you, for there is nothing hidden which will not become clear if it is studied properly. This book is a start in learning the fundamentals of reading the Sesh Medew Netcher. No better place to start,then the foundation (this book), it's well written and after continuing my studies a lot of writings are becoming unhidden to me. dwAw (lots of thanks)
Damiyon Everly
Taking Wudjau's Beginner's Introduction to Medew Netcher class, I learn a whole lot more about the rmT (Remetch, Ancient Egyptians). I purchased a few other books prior to purchasing his book. His book is by far the best on the market and taking the class took me to another level. His class provided me with the tools to understand what the ancestors were saying. I never thought it was possible for me to transliterate or translate the Sesh Medew Netcher (Hieroglyphs). Through his class, I met some good brothers and we are translating Sesh Medew Netcher inscriptions every week and you can see the proof on our sbA (teacher's) Wudjau's website www.mdw-ntr.com. dwAw sbA for your hard work, patience and dedication in sharing the ancestors' classical language.
Kofi Nelson

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